Friday, June 15, 2007

King Tet's Original Music on TV Sitcom

Click on this banner to view "The Africa Scene" featuring the song "Tracking The Lion" by King Tet®
In February 2006 I was "discovered" on iTunes by a Warner Brothers scout looking for music to use in a Prime Time Sitcom called "All of Us." The show is produced by Will & Jada Pickett Smith and Betsy Borns. An episode from season 3 called "The N Word" (which as it turns out was Will Smith's directing debut) has a scene where the parents are explaining the history of the slave trade in the United States to their 8 year old. My song plays during this scene, in fact the parents dance to it in full traditional African garb. "Tracking the Lion" is from the CD "The Man in the Can."

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