Friday, December 12, 2008

King Tet plays banjo on new "Fistful of Leaves" CD

Sixteen years ago when I was teaching guitar in Ventura, California I had a young student named Christian Provensen with a musical soul, a great attitude and a golden voice. We’ve always had a great mutual respect and have enjoyed a close friendship over the years. In 2003 when I was recording my CD “The Man in the Can” I recruited Christian’s vocal talents for my reggae piece “Give Thanks, there is peace in the music.”
This year Christian has reciprocated. Christian is a singer/songwriter in Huntington Beach California and his new band “Fistful of Leaves” has just released a new CD. My banjo playing can be heard on Christian’s guitarist Scott Gronsky’s song “The Sun Will Rise Again.” You can hear samples and order the CD at